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Your Construction Cleaning Package will be made up of one or more of the following:

How we evaluate your requirements

We would usually ask for a site drawing, which should have all the necessary site information, otherwise we are happy to arrange a site visit so that our pricing and understanding of our site is comprehensive. No matter what your construction cleaning requirements, we will always ensure you receive a high quality cleaning service at a great value.

There are three types of new construction cleaning that we offer, so most loyal cleaning contractor customer will possibly need ours services three times when performing this work. Those three types, referred to as phases, are the following:

– Phase one: The “Builders Clean or rough clean.” This is performed once all the necessary framing, plumbing and electrical work. It typically consists of the removal of large debris, trash collection, and removal but not the cleaning of stickers from windows and doors, along with a general sweeping or vacuuming of the area using a wet/dry vacuum system.

– Phase two: Re-Clean: Cleaning of kitchens, restrooms and more. Of the three “phases,” this can be the most work for our cleaning team and require the most cleaning tools and equipment. This phase involves cleaning of all your kitchens and restrooms, including fixtures, further removal of stickers from all fixtures, walls, glass areas and more, cleaning baseboards, door frames and windows, and finishing with a more detailed cleaning of floors. This is a facility under construction, so dust and debris will be found just about everywhere. We as professional’s will remove all of this debris, taking the facility one step closer to being “move-in ready.”

– Phase three: The “Sparkle Clean” or “punch” clean. At Heywood we sometimes will have a punch list to make sure all areas of the newly constructed facility have been cleaned. Items are checked off or punched after inspection, ensuring they are indeed clean. The phase three cleaning often focuses a lot on exterior cleaning, something that has received only moderate attention thus far, and possibly carpet cleaning if necessary. However, Heywood staff typically will give the facility a final thorough cleaning as well, requiring a need for rental equipment. After the phase three cleaning, the contractor or building owner will inspect the facility to see that it meets his or her approval.


We provide cleaning of offices and commercial premises such us shops, pubs, restaurants. Many management companies are taking advantage of our communal parts cleaning and block’s servicing. Whether you have a one-desk, home-based office or a spacious car-showroom, we can offer you a green, flexible, affordable and tailor-made solution and our utmost attention to your needs and requirements.


Heywood Cleaner

Heywood Cleaning operatives you can rest assured that:


  • they will be trained to work in the relevant to your contract environment and certified for Health and Safety as well as Green policies in the workplace.
  • you will have a dedicated account manager taking care of your account and available on your phone call immediately within office hours or within 3 working hours after receiving your email so any potential issues could be discussed and resolved asap.
  • there is a Quality Control Programme in place to take off your shoulders the responsibility to monitor the standards and consistency and free you to do what you do best – run your business. The programme includes:





  1. Cleaning check list approved by the client,
  2. Regular quality inspections (spot checks) are carried out and the reports are available on request,
  3. Quality satisfactions card served to you on quarterly basis to obtain your feedback and make sure you are receiving the precise service you are looking for,
  4. Regular trainings schedule with the staff to ensure they are up-to-date with changing policies and recent legislation.
  • last but not least, you will be reducing your environmental footprint and boosting your green credentials as a business as we provide mainly eco-friendly cleaning materials for commercial cleaning.